Design & Construction utilising the original features and materials of the property to create beautiful extensions that look as original as possible.

We can help you throughout the whole process from the initial concept idea to the finished constructed article.

We use all sorts of criteria to help us to do this for you:

  • Aesthetically pleasing external detailing
  • Functional internal spaces designed around you
  • Brick & Tile matching service
  • Kitchen & Bathroom layout design at the concept stage.

Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions are a great way of maximising potential space, especially in smaller properties that cannot extend,

Lofts in some cases can be "Permissible Development" depending upon the impact on the neighbouring properties and planning consents if you are in a conservation area for instance.



Garden Offices & Studios

Beautiful and functional outbuilding spaces for instance:

  • Garden office
  • Music studio
  • Children's games room
  • Summer house

Garden buildings do not need to be an old shed!

It could be a beautiful hand cut cabin or a hand rendered miniature house that is as energy efficient and comfortable as a new house or it could even be a small barn style that looks old but is actually completely up to date both structurally and technologically.


Two storey side and single storey rear addition in Ewell

Attention to detail

This 2 storey side and single storey rear addition, utilises all the original features of the property and carries them through to achieve a new addition that looks like it is original and has always been there

"Can you Recommend anyone?"


We would like to be the best at what we do, we have our skill set and to achieve the best works for our clients we looked into finding the best tradesmen for the works items that we ourselves do not do.

We have looked far and wide over the last 2 decades and where most builders use the cheapest labour and materials possible and try to make the biggest margin for themselves by using the same set of lads to provide all the trades, instead of using properly qualified and professional guys.

We have compiled a list of contractors and sub-contractors that we recommend to our clients as being the best option locally for their works.

When asked to recommend tradesmen, we offer the list below...

Reccomended Tradesmen and Women


ADS Associates - Structural Engineers  tel: 0208 773 3778


Cavendish Architectural

Architectural Design company specialising in: Extensions, Lofts, Houses, Structures, Interior Design.

web: www.cavendisharchitectural.co.uk

mail: info@cavendisharchitectural.co.uk

tel: 07930 720690

office: 020 8644 3331


Dalimo & Co Electrical Ltd

web: www.dalimo.co.uk

mail: dalimo@outlook.com

tel: 07427 629957

office: 020 8337 7962


Kearl Construction - Groundworkers

tel: 07921 689168

mail: cameronkearl@hotmail.co.uk


Plastering Plus

tel: 07879 000632



Scratch & Dash pebble dashing and Rendering

tel: 07947 743250


Spindle Roofing Ltd

tel: 07984 419841

mail: spindleroofing@gmail.com


Titus Plumbing Services

tel: 07793 559764

mail: titusplumbingservices@hotmail.co.uk

Diouble storey side and single storey rear addition Cheam

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