Two storey side and single storey rear addition in South Cheam

Our Approach

Our vision is to provide Our clients with Great Quality building and construction work, working together to design and plan what you would like to see and to help you achieve the home that you have always wished for .

We love the built environment and we care about how peoples homes look both inside and out.

With attention to the smallest details at every level we can help you to build great spaces for you and your family, from quiet and cosy sitting rooms to expansive open plan entertaining or large family spaces and beautiful aesthetically pleasing exteriors, without cutting corners.

Everybody has a budget and to have a target to work to is always helpful, working with and alongside you to maximise your potential.

Sometimes architects can get a little, shall we say plan happy or maybe a little expansive, without being able to tell you how much these additions may cost, working together we try to help you realise your maximum potential realistically.


My Story

My Grandfather was a Master Builder, and, in those days (I was born in the 70's) a Master Builder had been trained across the board, (he trained in the 50's) not only just how to master a trade or multiple trades, including how to estimate quantities and design and draw plans to scale, but, also how to manage and run a team of builders and apprentices successfully.

Unfortunately these days, most "builders" do not have this traditional style of training, I think the term is winging it..... and it shows in their work.

I grew up in, on and around building sites with my family, but it wasn’t until much later in life that I realised the skills that they had taught me.

You cannot really teach:

  • Attention to detail
  • Fastidiousness
  • Punctuality
  • willingness to learn from criticism
  • Quality
  • Patience
  • Professionalism or even common sense, which these really are.

After meeting my later to be wife, my father in Law took me from being a  Bricklayer & Carpenter and taught me how to form a bill of quantities, essentially training me as a QS (Quantity Surveyor).

Teaching me how to professionally work alongside Architects, Clerk's of Works and Structural Engineers, this was invaluable when it came to elevating my role from a tradesman to a construction company Owner/Director and ultimately a draftsman, helping me to achieve the role of Master Builder.

I trained as an Energy Assessor/Surveyor for the conservation of Fuel & Power in 2007, helping me to understand even further in depth the use of up to date materials and energy saving measures and being able to implement these into period properties, giving us the ability to make these beautiful old buildings cutting edge underneath.

We have an empathy for the housing that we live in, the built environment and the world around us and would like to elevate the housing around us, creating great environments to live and work in.

We owe Our clients a duty of care, as you put your faith in us to deliver quality work on time and on budget, wherever possible we will attempt exceed in Our programmed works and finish Our contract earlier than scheduled.

Meet the Team

Our team are Great, they really are, they are Fastidious, Conscientious, Hardworking, Neat & Tidy, polite, fun to work with (work does not need to be boring and we have some characters) and they care...

These attributes go a long way to helping us achieve great design and construction implementation for you.

Brian Robinson

Director & Contracts Manager

I love my job, it is stressful, but, the harder it becomes the harder we strive to succeed.

"Take your time, think about what you are doing and make it right first time"

The 5 P's:

"Proper prior planning and preparation prevent poor performance"

R Hendrie


Cavendish Architectural's senior Draftsman, former Managing Director of various major construction companies and a man with a fastidious attention to detail.

Our Clients


It is your thoughts and your ideas, that give us the inspiration to help you to Create and design your dream home...

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